• Real Time monitoring

  • 24 x 7 live video survelliance

  • Live video recorded .

  • 24 hours a day 365 days .

  • Advanced Technology .

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IYESEE Live Video Monitoring & Surveillance offers a unique, industry-leading remote video monitoring and audio intervention service to help you realize the full potential of video surveillance and protect facilities and locations from theft and robbery. This proactive security solution is designed to detect theft or robbery before or as it occurs and respond or intervene in real time. To improve loss prevention and reduce customer injury claims, we help engineer cost-effective security solutions with virtual guard patrols, video analytics, and video verification features. For loss prevention professionals, our diversified line of innovative services minimizes losses while increasing savings and protection levels. Our team works with the leading technology vendors to ensure that our products and services are the most advanced, cost-effective, and highest quality possible.


Lights-On Monitoring

Most security companies provide lights-off monitoring, which means that the business is closed and the alerts are activated either by motion or other sensatory devices.
For example, door sensors, motion sensors or fire sensor to name a few. Lights-on monitoring are alerts that are generated while the establishment is open for business and staff and customers are going about the operations.

Live Person Monitoring

Cameras strategically places in the business will be monitored by a live person for the contracted duration.
The live person can be instructed via standard and custom rules to look for events and trigger an alert

Uses - Compliance

The service can be used to monitor compliance of company rules like :
  1. Employees wearing uniform
  2. Indecent conduct by an employee
  3. Opening hours for a store
  4. Improper handling of customer interactions
And much more…

Uses - Security

The service can be used for security alerts like:
  1. Goods being stolen
  2. Unauthorized accessto restricted areas
  3. Fights between customers or staff
  4. Many more…